Money is part of life.  Life is not money.
Simple ways to stay healthy financially are focused on spending not earning.

What is Go Blue Teammates

This is designed to be one size fits all but the most important people are all of you who are currently relying on outdated financial models (buy and hold and or any type of generic asset allocation program) and everyone with an IRA or 401K plan.

this page explains the 2015 program

The good news is we have significantly increased our network and our reach this past year.  The better news is that the financial resources to implement the “super site” are now being gathered.  Because our core has been with us so long, you have come to appreciate that we are pure

Hail Team 135

"For when the One Great Scorer comes to mark against your name, He writes-not that you won or lost- But how you played the game." -Grantland Rice


Please join us for the 4th Annual Jalen Rose Leadership Academy Celebrity Golf Outing presented by H.H.

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we have completely revised our presence and added many new features.  The home page will now have the following constantly updated info:
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